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Green Wynne

Why I drive a Prius in Highland Park
by Shannon Wynne
notice this was written in 2006...before it became cool to be green! Thanks for being YOU Shannon!

I opted for a hybrid in 2005 (though it is a 2006 model). I went with the Toyota Highlander - Hybrid SUV.  (Tini Mimi). I have been driving it since June 6, 2005. It was one of the first to hit the DFW metroplex - it does not even have the HYBRID emblem on the side

only the "hybrid synergy drive" emblem on the back.

now I am almost at 80k miles and love the mileage as well as the quality of my Hybrid. I have never once had to put it in the shop for more than an oil change and some new tires. :)

4908 Lakeside Dr

The formerly famous, formerly pink (yes pink) mansion on Lakeside Drive in Highland Park belonged to Toddie Lee Wynne Sr. and his wife Imogen Young Wynne. She was my great grandmother.


here is a scan of an old family photo:

There are also historical pictures on DallasNews.com available for sale. If i can get permission to link to them (or at least get the site to work)  I will link them here.

Angels Then and Now

Harrison, Margaret Wynne
ISBN 10: 0877060614
ISBN 13: 9780877060611
Publisher: Branch-Smith
Publication Date: 1975

Yet Another Glory

Harrison, Margaret Wynne
ISBN 10: 
ISBN 13: 
Publication Date:  

Cattle Baron's Ball History


The first Cattle Baron’s Ball was a full-fledged Texas barbecue under the chairmanship of Patti Hunt and Jacque Wynne. The event was a sellout with more than 500 guests attending the western party at Toddie Lee Wynne’s Star Brand Ranch. Through ticket sales and the auction, the Park Cities Branch of the Dallas County Chapter of the American Cancer Society raised more than $56,000.

In the 33 year history of the Cattle Baron’s Ball, more than 65,000 guests have been entertained at the annual event. The Cattle Baron’s Ball has become the world’s largest single event fundraiser for American Cancer Society research, with over $33 million distributed to cancer research projects in Dallas County.


The Rocket

originally published in TIME magazine Monday, Sep. 20, 1982

Outer-Space Entrepreneurs

In Texas, Buck Rogers meets Daddy Warbucks

The Legal Status of women in Texas, 1909



Texas suffragists were interested in equal rights for women beyond the voting booth. As Mrs. W.B. Wynne wrote in a pamphlet published in 1909, marriage brought great legal disabilities to a woman. A single woman (feme sole) could enter into contracts, sue or be sued in court, choose her own home, own and control her own property, and, if widowed, have custody of her children. A married woman (feme couvert) had more limited rights. A married woman could not take a job without her husband's permission, and she had to allow her husband to manage her property, although she was allowed to own property, unlike women in many other states.

Feb. 24th, 2008


WYNNE, ANGUS GILCHRIST, SR. (1885-1974). Angus Gilchrist Wynne, Sr., lawyer and civic leader, was born in Wills Point, Texas, on January 12, 1885, to William Benjamin and Margaret Welch (Henderson) Wynne. He attended public school in Wills Point and a private school in Austin before entering Tyler Commercial College in 1901. He worked with his attorney father and matriculated at the University of Texas in 1903. After a year of university study, he went to Washington as secretary to Gordon Russell, representative of the Seventh Texas Congressional District. He returned to the university in 1905 and studied law (1906-09), then withdrew. He was admitted to the bar in 1909, returned to Wills Point, and entered the firm of Wynne and Collins. He moved to Kaufman in 1912 and to Longview in 1931. He maintained large farming interests in Kaufman County and a law office in Longview even after his move to Dallas in 1954. Wynne was the first president of the State Bar of Texas (1940) and was on the University of Texas Development Board until his retirement in 1967, when he was named trustee emeritus. He was one of seven founding incorporators of the University of Texas Law School Foundation (1952). He was chairman of the Texas Supreme Court Advisory Committee, a trustee of the Southwestern Legal Foundation, a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, and a member of the American Bar Association's House of Delegates, the State Bar Rules Committee (1952-53), the Texas Bar Foundation, and the Dallas and Gregg County bar associations. Wynne established an endowed professorship at the University of Texas Law School in memory of his father in 1969. His own son endowed a similar chair in honor of Angus Wynne on February 1, 1974. Angus Wynne, Sr., also served as chairman of the statewide committee for the Gonzales Warm Springs Rehabilitation Foundation (1957) and president of the Richmond Freeman Memorial Clinic. In 1924 Wynne, his father, and two brothers were simultaneously admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, a first in that court's history. Wynne was a Methodist and a conservative Democrat. He was married to Nemo Shelmire, and they had two sons. He died at his home in Dallas on December 16, 1974.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Dallas Daily Times Herald, December 18, 1974. Dallas Morning News, September 16, 1957, March 2, 1969, March 20, 1970, December 18, 1974. Texas Bar Journal, March 1975.

Joan Jenkins Perez

Six Flags

This one's for you Angus Wynne

This One's For You, Angus Wynne

Thu Apr 19, 2007 at 12:32:25 PM

Let the fun surround you. Seriously. Do it now. All ya gotta do is go to the great WMFU's blog, where today them fine folks from New Joizy have, for whatever reason, posted three cuts from a 1967 giveaway album that serves as both a guide to Six Flags Over Texas and as a soundtrack to your visit. I dunno how much patience you'll have for the seven-and-a-half minute intro to the park, "The Sound of Fun Surrounds You," but dear Sweet Baby Jesus, I will not get the "Six Flags March" out of my head for the rest of the day. And that "Six Flags Song" goes right on the iPod: "Let's go have a holiday where everyone likes to play/Six Flags Over Texas/Six Flags Over Texas." And...horn solo. --Robert Wilonsky

Six Flags

 The History Channel August 1 - This Day In History

August 1, 1961

Texans head for the thrills at Six Flags



Snake and Mongoose
Wynne Family History

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